• June 28, 2022

BLM Protest Turns Violent…Again


BLM held a protest in El Cajon last night and it didn’t take long to turn violent.  They started attacking cars and at least one motorcycle.  it was the second straight night of violence after Alfred Olango was shot and killed by the police.  Olango was engaging with police, when he whipped something out of his pocket and too a shooter’s stance.  BLM activists claim that Olango had his hands up in surrender.  Decide for yourself:

Image result for alfred olango

From Breitbart News:

On Thursday evening, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports, “about 50 to 75 people — a smaller crowd than previous nights — took over the intersection of Broadway and Mollison Avenue” and “stopped passing vehicles and broke several of their windows” at about 8 p.m., according to police. There was also a confrontation with a motorcyclist who lost control of his vehicle, and police made two arrests, firing pepper balls to disperse the crowd after people began throwing glass bottles.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Olango was supposed to have been deported from the United States twice, after separate federal convictions, first on drug charges in 2002 and second on weapons charges in 2009. He could not be deported because the Ugandan government failed to provide travel documents, and he was released under supervision by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Friends told the Times that Olango had been dealing with a personal crisis when he was shot.


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