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BLM Thugs Attack Serviceman Due to Deploy



Matthew Whitehurst, 23, who was due to deploy to Europe was viciously attacked after he left a preseason football game in Charlotte, NC.  He and two of his friends were set upon by about 20 BLM thugs who were protesting  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Officer Randall Kerrick, who was acquitted in the killing of black man Jonathan Ferrell in self-defense back in 2013.  Whitehurst told his father his attacker was a black man wearing a red bandanna and dreadlocks.

“I just drove my son home who has his jaw wired shut, and a mandible fracture in two with a plate and his jaw wired shut, and he threw up on the way home with his mouth shut.”

Whitehurst’s deployment will be delayed until he has healed up.  BLM is a terrorist organization, funded by George Soros and supported by the democratic party.  It was founded in Ferguson, where they rioted, looted and burned the city over the death of criminal, Michael Brown.

Additional riots have been held throughout the country.

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