• June 24, 2024

[Graphic VIDEO] Police Kill Robbery Suspect on Live TV


An attempted bank robbery in Phoenix, AZ led to a police chase of the suspect that lasted about 15 minutes and culminated in the shooting death of the suspect.  The chase began in the Avondale section.

WARNING…Graphic Video…Use viewer discretion

You can fast forward to 15:40 for4 final moments:

From RT:

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the incident was sparked by a theft in the Avondale area during which suspects shot at law enforcement.

“Avondale police initiated a pursuit as that vehicle fled from them,” said Sgt Jonathan Howard, of the Phoenix Police Department, reports AZ Central.

“Somewhere in the area of Interstate 10 and 99th Avenue, a Phoenix Police helicopter was able to get overhead and assume control of that pursuit. At that time Avondale Police backed off and left it up to Phoenix Police.”

Investigators say at least three men were involved in the chase through parts of suburban Phoenix and across some of the city’s major thoroughfares.

Earlier in helicopter footage broadcast by Fox 10, Del Rio appears to engage in conversation with a woman before dumping a small black bag into a backyard.

The woman is said to be a relation of the 31-year-old, reports NBC 12 News.

The Phoenix Police Department, FBI, Avondale Police Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating the shooting.

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