• June 20, 2024

[BOMBSHELL] Terrorism in Kentucky: Muslim Set Booby Trap Explosives


Mark Sawaf, a Muslim living in Kentucky was booby trapping the woods in Harlan County.  A couple of people were injured and the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) have warned that more of the explosive devices could be located in cameras along the trails:


Sawaf was seen on several occasions walking into the woods and acting in a suspicious manner.  After the explosions began, the FBI began investigating and a search warrant was served and in the ensuing search, federal officials found massive amounts of explosives.  He was arrested and taken into the woods.  At first, he was cooperative and disclosed the locations of several of the bombs.  Suddenly, he bolted and tried to escape.  Even though he was running away and unarmed federal agents shot him to prevent him from future attacks.    (Just what we need “Haji Lives Matter)

The hidden explosives were set off when new batteries were placed in the cameras and some had trip wires.  Authorities admit that they have no idea how many more explosive devices are out there.  Federal agents have no clue to the motive behind the crimes.

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