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BOMBSHELL…Trump’s Name Left Off Over Half of All NY Ballots

voter fraud


In what could be the largest voter fraud campaign in history, Donald Trump does not appear on over half of all the ballots in New York state.  New York’s vote is very important to Trump since he is expected to take all or nearly all of the delegates in the state.  In order to do that he must carry every congressional district in the state.  Without being on the ballot, he will find that an uphill battle.  This raises several important questions.  How did his name get left off.  Are the persons responsible Cruz supporters?  And why wasn’t this discovered until the day of voting?  To say this is suspicious would be an understatement.

Originally, it was reported that only a few thousand ballots were missing Trump’s name.  That has now been upgraded to hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

From The Huffington Post:

10:17 AM EST UPDATE:  While initial reports indicated that thousands of ballots were misprinted, it is now being reported that more than half of all ballots in the New York state primary have been printed incorrectly.  The misprinted ballots list only Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich as Republican candidates, leaving off the controversial real estate mogul, Donald Trump.  Election officials are scrambling across the state to reach a consensus on a course of action, with opinions ranging from canceling the primary altogether to simply printing out small signs to notify voters of the mistake.  One thing remains clear: Trump’s numerous and often violent supporters are not happy.

Someone needs to go to prison over this.

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