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Boy is Devastated When He is Outbid For His Dad’s Car Then This Happens

Tanner Brownlee’s police officer father was killed in 2010.  Since then he has had a tough time coping with the loss of his father.  He has many mementos of his father and when he found out his father’s squad car was going up for auction, he started a Go Fund Me page and collected $12,500 with which to purchase the car.


On the day of the auction Tanner was mildly confidant but apprehensive.  When his dad’s car came up, he bid.  A man in the back also bid on the vehicle.  The two went back and forth and eventually they reached Tanner’s limit and the man in the back got the car.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.  The man went up and collected the keys to his new car.  He then walked directly up to Tanner and handed him the car keys.  Overcome by emotion, Tanner cried and hugged the man who gave him the car he had coveted so badly.



From Shareably:

To raise money to purchase the car, Tanner started a GoFundMe campaign. Strangers from all over the world donated to help him purchase his dad’s old car – he had $12,500 ready to bid.

On auction, he was not sure whether or not he would win the car, but he had high hopes. He was bidding again and again, until his limit had come and gone. Sad to say, a man standing in the far back outbid him.

He thought it was over. He was never going to bring home his dad’s retired squad car. However, when the man stood up to collect the item, Tanner couldn’t help but cry. There a special surprise that he never saw coming.

Watch the video below to witness the tear-jerking moment.

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