• June 20, 2024

BuzzFeed Goes Grotesque…Shows Woman Rubbing Her Face With B/F’s Testicles [VIDEO]

If there was still any doubt among any of you, BuzzFeed is not to be taken seriously.  While it is true that many sites will use less than newsworthy stories to drive traffic in order to keep the business running, BuzzFeed has gone past all norms with a video they just posted.  A boyfriend and his girlfriend had just taken a shower and the boyfriend started messing with his woman and she joked about using his testicles as a cosmetic blender.  So the two decided to record it.  BuzzFeed actually posted the video against all norms in the business.

BuzzFeed News needs to be called out for its questionable sanity after posting an X-rated makeup video.

The site’s content has been embarrassingly bad for journalism for quite awhile.

But now it’s just grotesque.

And yes, this is coming from someone who works for The Daily Caller, where rules are generally forbidden.

In a new exploitation of mankind, BuzzFeed posted a story and subsequent video of a teenage woman who used her boyfriend’s balls as a makeup blender. BuzzFeed calls it “horrifyingly inspiring.”

But it’s actually just horrifying.

The story falls under the category of BuzzFeed News, which is supposed to be the more serious, respected section of the site.

So much for that.

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