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California Councilwoman Posts That Cops are Sent Out to Murder People



The Nevada City Police Association on a unanimous vote have declared no confidence in Nevada City, Ca city councilwoman Reinette Senum, after she posted a most offensive post saying that the police are sent out to intentionally murder people.  She has since deleted the Facebook post but the city’s police force isn’t in a forgiving mood and there are calls for her resignation from the council.

“You paint a picture that every police officer is corrupt and that were out looking to kill somebody is just completely unacceptable,  it’s not something that anybody wants to do and certainly there’s been no directive for us to go do such a thing.”

Image source: KMAX-TV

This is the typical liberal drivel we are used to getting from California liberal politicians right up until they leave office to begin their prison sentences.  And if this nonsense isn’t bad enough, her explanation is duct tape to the head worthy:

“Black lives lost, the lives of police officers lost is a tragedy,” Senum told the station. “It’s not mutually exclusive to the fact that we need to have high standards with our police force. We lost a lot of those high standards and we want them back.”

“The good police officers who are out there doing their job, I have the highest regard for them.”

As I read her wxplanation, I closed my eyes and imagined those same words being spouted by Kamala Harris, Gov Jerry Moonbeam , Diane Feinstein or Babs Boxer.  These morons seem to have interchangeable parts.  There is no way you can read her post and believe she has respect for any police man or woman in America.

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