• May 27, 2024

Asylum Seeker Leads To Rape Of Young Woman

For the most part, young women fall prey to the curse of our age, liberalism and as such, are the victims of said policies. The elected leadership in Europe still think Islamic culture can coexist with western culture.  As civilized societies have tried integrating with the Muslim culture, it is becoming clear that it is not working.

For instance, England and in Germany have a higher rate of sexual assault; especially England. The question is: how do you control the rape culture of Muslims; if you consider that 94% of rapes in England are perpetrated by Muslims? They believe it is granted to them in Sharia Law, however, in a civilized society, it does not work.

According to Dailymail.co.uk:

An asylum seeker who avoided deportation from Britain with the help of a public campaign is facing jail after sexual assaulting a 21-year-old woman.The offence of sexual assault by penetration has a sentencing guideline ranging from a community order to 19 years in prison, depending on how it is categorised.

Sri Lankan-born Sivarajah Suganthan spent 37 days in a detention centre before being allowed to remain in the UK. It followed a 2010 campaign led by then Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West, Stephen Williams, who lost his seat last year.

Mr Williams lobbied immigration minister Damian Green to grant Suganthan asylum and presented an 800-name petition to Parliament calling for the deportation threats to end.

Suganthan, 31, went to live with friends in Bristol in 2011 but three years later he sexually abused a 21-year-old woman while staying at a night shelter in St Paul’s.

He was to face trial at Bristol Crown Court but pleaded guilty to sexual assault by penetration.

As you can see these cases are only increasing and not decreasing around the globe. This should have happened to this young woman, who will forever be scared by this terrible incident.

I wonder how many more of these crimes are to be committed before people stand up and say enough. If the law knows what is best, the law should throw the book at this man. Maybe it will start sending a message to the “religion of peace.”

What do you think?

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