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Car Versus Protesters in Los Angeles: Guess Who Wins [VIDEO]

On Thursday in Los Angeles, two groups, Gender Justice LA, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (Say that five times fast) and  Mujeres de Maiz (Which means “Women of the Corn”…Must be the mothers of the “Children of the Corn”) were blocking Wilshire Blvd near the office of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.  They were protesting the Dakota pipeline.


Some people get angry with these protests but not me.  They create more republicans than Barack Obama did.  As with any issue in the United States, there are three groups.  The first group will back the protesters no matter how many innocent people are assaulted or how ever many businesses are burned and looted.  The second group will be against the Nazi-like fascism of the left no matter what.

The third group is the most important.  They are the fence sitters.  Those who are trying to decide which side of the fence to come down on.  Every time one of these protesters prevent these citizens from traveling to work or to shop or whatever, they push them to the other side of the fence.  Ditto the lunkheads who block airports.


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The white car you see in the picture above was trying to get to a destination and was surrounded by these fascists.  The driver of the car did not come up with the idea of the pipeline, he did not design the pipeline, he will not be building the pipeline, but he will be voting in the next election.

He drove slowly, trying to get by the protesters who began blocking his path and even jumping on his hood, but the bottom line is that they could not withstand the car or slow it down.  And this being California, where cops are scared of their own shadow and refuse to do their job, they were not there to keep the protesters from flagrantly violating the law.  But in the end the car won as we always knew it would and as it always had wherever it’s tried.

H/T The Conservative Tribune

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