• May 27, 2024

Carowinds Employees To Be Deported For Underage Drinking

Am I seeing something right here, the law is  (at this point) being  upheld?  27 employees in the country here working are  being expelled for breaking the rules of their visa’s and state and federal law.  They are minor’s caught consuming alcohol and running from the police. Now don’t call me heartless for this; I am sure some will, but as the case, these young people should be held to the same standards as all americans in their jobs. The only difference is if a citizen is terminated for such behavior, he or she can look for a new job and learn from their mistakes(hopefully). But these people are not citizens and without their jobs they will fall on government assistance, and that is just wrong. They need to be sent home and wait the proper time to reapply for entry to the U.S.


According to wsoctv :


That doesn’t sit well with one of their U.S. co-workers who said it’s an overreaction.

“I think that everyone needs to find out the truth,” the U.S. worker said. “And they should be able to stay.”

“Participants who are terminated from their exchange programs are expected to leave the United States immediately,” a spokesperson with the U.S. Department of State said.

Carowinds has about 4,000 employees and said 3.3 percent, or about 132 employees, are on exchange visas.

Here is the problem, once you get to know someone, you feel for them and american co-workers emotions are coming into play, and that is not a good thing. We are a land of laws, and like it or not, as a people we have to live by them. where does it stop if we let rules that are broken go without punishment? It’s a shame for them, it’s a life lesson we have all learned in our time, but it is what it is, follow through and send them home. What do you think?


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