• June 13, 2024

[Video] Complete Strangers Save a Woman Committing Suicide


A woman was perched on a ledge of a bridge along I-94 in St Paul on Wednesday.  A passing motorist, Angela Martin spotted her and stopped.  Soon, others also stopped as they tried to convince the woman not to jump.  Martin and others tried to convince her not to jump with some even telling her they loved her.  One passerby was able to grab the woman’s shirt and pull it through the chain linked fence, as another woman ran down to the highway to stop passing cars.

The police showed up and cut a hole in the fence and they with the help of the strangers were able to pull her through to safety.  The woman has been taken into custody and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.


Hole: Police used bolt cutters to cut through the fence on the overpass above the busy Interstate 94 in St. Paul in order to get to the woman 

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