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Carrie Fisher’s Cryptic Message Just Before Her Death Has People Speculating

Over the Christmas weekend, 2016 took another beloved celebrity from us. Carrie Fisher suffered from a heart attack while traveling from London to Los Angeles. While everyone prayed she would pull through, Carrie Fisher, the actress who played Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” trilogy died on December 27th in Los Angeles.


But not long before she passed, she shared a final cryptic message over Twitter that has left fans reeling with confusion. What could she have meant? Did some conspiracy play out in her final days?

Scroll down for more and to discover her last words published online…

Carrie Fisher’s death was confirmed by her daughter and publicist Billie Lourd on December 27th. Fisher was 60-years old when she passed on.

“It is with a very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55 this morning,” Simon Halls said.

Her death came four days after suffering cardiac arrest in the middle of a flight across the Atlantic.

Several days before the fateful, yet mysterious, heart attack, Carrie Fisher logged onto her Twitter account and posted the following cryptic message. Her fans and followers are shocked by the confusing amalgamation posted onto her account:


“Is your body decaying and death marching ever closer? Are the sands of time so cruel they should be arrested and stent to a cardiac beach? Get CGI, perspective and deal with it.”

The weird Twitter post was the caption to an image that screen captured a cruel article about how time has not been good to her.

This was the second to last cryptic message she sent on December 21. The other showed a picture of Fisher in front of Charles Dickens Lounge and said: “People have aged so much you can’t even get them to do motion capture as though these folks are disobedient. Auditions are held. Gary didn’t get to cast.”

Before “Star Wars”, Fisher got her start in Hollywood as a seductive teen in a 1975 film “Shampoo.” She was the daughter of screen legend Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, so Hollywood stardom was in her blood.

“I was trained in celebrity, so I did the only thing I knew,” Fisher once told Rolling Stone. “I went into the family business.”

She dropped out of high school and appeared alongside her mother on Broadway. That risk led to the biggest break in her acting career. Now she is an acting legend.

Because she played a tough-as-nails princess in George Lucas’s “Star Wars,” Carrie Fisher became a feminist icon.

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