• August 12, 2022

Celebrate National Lingerie Day With 14 Models From Victoria’s Secret

Today, April 24th is National Lingerie Day and here to help you celebrate are 14 beautiful women of Victoria’s Secret to give you something to celebrate about.

 Lingerie has been a thing since the 1800s in France, but it truly crossed the Pond in 1922, when the term was used to describe women’s bras. Lingerie has raised heartrates ever since, even through even the dull 1940s and ’50s — and was reborn with Madonna’s cones and Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.

Here are five things you simply must know about lingerie:

1. Teddies are named after a man. The “camiknicker,” as it’s also referred, was invented in he 1920s by Theodore Baer. Baer attached a chemise with a short slip and pair of panties and, voila, sex kittens everywhere rejoiced.

2. Crotchless undies were the norm. In the 1930s, only men wore closed-crotch undergarments. When women embraced the trend, it was a sexual revolution because their underwear went from strictly functional to made-to-be-seen.

3. It’s French, of course. The word lingerie comes from “linge,” the French word for linen, where it applies to all undergarments for both men and women.

4. It won’t work if it doesn’t fit. And who knows that better than Victoria’s Secret model Joan Smalls, who is working with the swim brand Smart & Sexy to make sure your curves are properly represented.

“Getting the right fit in lingerie and swim is the most important – the way a garment supports and sculpts you. It makes all of the difference in the world.”, also adding in “I love Smart & Sexy’s nude palette for this season, it is elegant and powerful.”

5. It really is just an opportunity to see women in their underwear. Like Ashley Graham, model and designer of her own sexy line for Addition Elle, who celebrated last year by posting a series of risque, lingerie-clad pictures to her Instagram.

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