• May 27, 2024

CEO Who Bribed Clintons Resigns Day After “Clinton Cash” is Aired


The movie, Clinton Cash premiered worldwide and just one day after the movie aired, Hans Westberg, the CEO and president of telecoms company Ericsson resigned.  In the movie it showed how after being threatened for their dealings with companies that promote terrorism, they hired Bill Clinton to give a speech for the outlandish sum of $750,000 dollars.  Ericsson had never paid for a speaker ever before and within a few days, Bill Clinton was paid and the State Department backtracked and decided telecom companies would be excluded from the ban.  How coinkidinkidental!

The movie depicts the bribery just as it happened and after the release of the movie, Westberg resigned without issuing a denial of the charges.  So, it cost Ericsson 3/4 of a million dollars to be allowed to sell their good to terrorist countries.  And the Clintons being the honest politicians that they are, once they are bought they stay bought.  But it did cost Westberg his job.

From Breitbart News:

Clinton Cash the movie exposes the disturbing pattern, as detailed in Ericsson’s case, of record-high speaking fees to Bill Clinton and donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign contributors, which conspicuously coincided with favors for Clinton cronies while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

Ericsson Chairman Leif Johansson listed increased competition as the reason for Westberg’s departure and said the board had decided to find a new leader “to drive the next phase in Ericsson’s development.”

However, as with so many of the companies who were financially supportive of the Clinton Foundation, Ericsson paid Bill Clinton a massive amount of cash only to find U.S. government actions being made in its favor.

I do not care what Ericsson announced as the reason Westberg stepped down, the timing of the move says it all.

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