• November 29, 2023

Claire McCaskill Caught in Bold Faced Lie on Russian Ambassador

Claire McCaskill, better known as the wicked witch of the Midwest is jumping all over Jeff Sessions on his alleged meeting with the Russian ambassador.  In a tweet, she claimed she would never meet or call him.  Maury?  “Our lie detectors have determined that is a lie.”

Sen Joe Manchin (D) WV (Whom I have predicted will become a republican before 2018) told reporters that he has met with the Russian ambassador as part of his job on the Armed Forces committee, said that Sessions, who was the chairman of that committee did nothing unusual or wrong by meeting with him.

So, are we to believe McCaskill when she makes the claim that she never has nor ever will meet with a Russian ambassador?  That depends.  Do you believe McCaskill and her tweet denouncing meeting with the ambassador of Russia or do you believe the two tweets where she claimed to be meeting with the Russian ambassador?



From Mediate:


Now we have two where she said she was meeting with him:



Claire, people are no longer stupid and we see all of you democrats for exactly what you are.  You are a dying party that is based on lies and ultra liberal ideology.

So today, I call on Claire McCaskill to resign her Senate seat for lying about meeting with the Russian ambassador.  You got my back, right Chuckie?

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