Clinton Must Answer Questions Under Oath and Threat of Perjury

lying Hillary


As ordered by a federal judge, Hillary Clinton must answer questions submitted by Judicial Watch within 30 days of receiving them.  She must do so under oath and could face perjury charges should she lie.  Although it would have been better to have held a deposition, Judicial Watch could come up big on this by asking questions to which Clinton has already lied about.  That would create a huge problem for Hillary.  She can either lie again about something that has already been debunked or she can change her story, which would be an admission that she lied before.

One question that will be a prime example is whether or not Colin Powell suggested she use a private email system.  She could answer that he did but the fact that Powell has said and Condi Rice has confirmed never happened in the meeting of former Secretaries of State and could not have come from their email exchange because emails show she was using that system for a year before the exchange took place.  Or, she could tell the truth, which would mean she lied to the FBI, which is a felony.

From The Washington Examiner:

Fitton said the questionnaire, which Clinton will be forced to complete within 30 days of receipt, will drill down on the Democratic nominee’s shifting stories about why she relied on an unauthorized email network.

Clinton once said she set up the server system for convenience, in order to carry just one device for both personal and work-related communications.

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