• June 20, 2024

After Daughter Overdoses, Mother Sends Powerful Message To Drug Dealer

A grieving mother’s Facebook message to her late daughter’s drug dealer recently went viral.

On the day that would have been her daughter Ashley’s 28th birthday, Tina Wells Louden took to Facebook with a message for “my daughter’s drug dealer.”

“This is how I spend my daughter’s birthday now,” Louden captioned a picture of her hugging Ashley’s urn. “How do you live with yourself??? That’s all I [want to know]… I don’t normally post [pictures] like this but let’s make this go viral so all the drug dealers see what they are doing to our families.”


Louden told KSDK-TV that on Ashley’s birthday, “I was hugging her and my phone was right there, and I just took a picture.”

According to KSDK, Ashely first began taking prescription pills and then heroin. She struggled to get clean for five years for the sake of her two young daughters, but she died of an overdose in 2013.

Louden said she hopes her message “would change somebody.” “I know Ashley took the drugs, but I still believe the dealer should be somewhat responsible,” Louden said. “They are selling this poison knowing that it could kill you.”

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