• June 24, 2024

He Won’t Let People Use His Private Pool, And The Neighborhood Is Losing Their Minds…

They say you never miss the water till the well runs dry. It’s the little freedoms that value the most in life. Way too many genuinely great things in life are taken for granted. Having a roof above one’s head, the ability to travel, having access to education, getting a degree, or the ability to choose what you’re going to have for dinner. While this may look silly to value such things, some people can only dream of it.

And one more such thing that people take for granted is kindness.

A Reddit user shared a story that is a perfect example of that. A 37-year-old man, and his fiancée allowed the kids from the neighborhood to use their pool with the only rule that they could not bring dogs as the pool’s lining was fragile and could break.

The couple enjoyed their property by hosting cookouts and inviting people to pool parties in the backyard. But as it soon turned out, they were not the only ones hoping to take a swim.

The couple were aware that the kids used the pool when he wasn’t home, so one day, he noticed a big tear in a pool liner and immediately knew who was at fault. The homeowener fixed the tear but decided to close the pool for the neighborhood kids.

Once the kids were refused entry, their parents showed up at the doorstep, talking about how he hurt their kids’ feelings and asking to reopen the pool. OP’s fiancée stood on the neighbors’ side and suggested apologizing to the neighbors.

Unsure of what to do, the couple turned to the AITA community to get an unbiased opinion on the situation. The man asked, “AITA for not allowing neighborhood kids use the pool?” and thousands of comments later, the Redditors ruled out their decision. Turns out, people were more concerned about the legal issues rather than the pool itself.

According to AWM, the neighbors demanded he open up his pool again so the children could swim. However, the homeowner no longer trusted the kids because they had defied his rules and brought a dog in for a swim.

Source: AWM

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