• July 24, 2024

Clinton’s ISIS strategy the same as Obama’s

Clinton’s ISIS strategy the same as Obama’sPeter Bergen of CNN stated that the Obama administration has long been pursuing many of the ISIS policy ideas that Trump laid out in a speech last night, but did not mention that Clinton’s strategy will be far worse and will continue the failed policies of the Obama administration.

While the Democrats and liberals praise Clinton, Fox News Contributor, Richard Grenell pointed out that Clinton’s continued Obama strategy is nothing more that genocide and that Hillary Clinton has made a political commitment to not send U.S. troops to stop this growing genocide, no matter what the U.S. intelligence tells her.

In quoting Clinton, “Donald Trump has been all over the place on ISIS. He’s talked about letting Syria become a free zone for ISIS… a major country in the Middle East that could launch attacks against others and us. He’s talked about sending ground troops — American ground troops. Well, that is off the table as far as I am concerned.”

Grenell said, “ISIS will certainly be pleased to know that whatever they do, wherever they go, however brutal they continue to be, Hillary Clinton still isn’t sending U.S. troops to stop them.  It’s perplexing that she has kept this weak stance in the face of growing turmoil throughout the world, but especially in Syria.”

“It is beyond troubling to see a politician make such a naive political promise about our U.S. national security.”


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