CNN Anchor Left Speechless After Syrian Survivor Thanks Trump On Live TV [VIDEO]



A survivor of an Aug. 21, 2013 Sarin gas attack on his village called “Moadhamiyeh” in West Damascus, Syria told Breitbart News he is grateful for President Donald Trump’s strike against the Syrian military, which is a complete turnaround from President Barack Obama’s puzzling acceptance of President Bashar Assad and his regime.

“I want to tell President Trump with all my heart: Mr. President, as a Syrian and as a chemical weapon survivor, I want to thank you for taking action against the dictator, who has been killing us for more than six years,” said Kassem Eid, who spoke to Breitbart News from his home in Germany.

Eid was the subject of a 2015 60 Minutes report by Scott Pelley.

The chemical attack was delivered by missiles from Damascus, he said.

“My heart stopped as I was helping people. I was in a coma. My body was placed next to a bunch of dead bodies,” he said.

“Fortunately, my friends saw me move slightly and they called over a doctor,” he said. “They gave me more Atropine and gave me CPR and washed my body over and over with water until I came back as conscious.”

Before the chemical attack, the Syrian air force was bombing the town, he said.

“Suddenly, I started to hear strange sounds,” he said.

“They were the missiles coming from Damascus,” he said. “After two years of shelling and bombardment, you get to know which type of weapon you are getting hit with. This noise was a new and strange voice. The missiles were flying a low distance to the ground, like a small air jet flying off the ground. A few seconds later the missiles hit the ground and they did not make an explosion.”

Everyone was expecting an explosion, so everyone was confused, he said.

“I was looking from the window to see what was going on and I lost my ability to breathe,” Eid said.

“I felt my chest set on fire. My eyes were burning. I had an unbearable feeling of pain all over my body and my stomach. I couldn’t scream or do anything to alert my friends. I started beating my chest. That was my normal reaction to beat my chest as hard I can to get a single breath,” he said.

“Then, the neighbors started waking up screaming. Everyone was screaming. I went downstairs and went out and saw what I could only describe as Judgement Day,” he said. “There was panic and terror, but not a single drop of blood.”


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