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Explosive Jailhouse Tape of Casey Anthony [VIDEO]

The Discovery Channel will be broadcasting ‘Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery’, a three part series that will reexamine the death of Kaylee Anthony.  There will be a couple of interesting things coming out in the series and Casey’s parents, Cindy and George will be commenting on the case.  During the trial, Casey’s lawyer accused George of sexually molesting his daughter even though he had no proof to offer.


More importantly, Discovery will be playing a never before seen video of her parents visiting Casey in jail.  At one point Casey seems about to confess but then noted that the conversation was being recorded, and stopped herself but told them she did have something to share with them.  There are people who strongly believe she was guilty and many who claimed she was innocent but none of her supporters have ever been able to explain why she never reported her daughter missing although she had been gone for over 30 days.

In the days prior to her meeting with her parents, Casey had twice refused to see them but on this day agreed, five days after what would have been Caylee’s third birthday. 

‘Hey gorgeous, how you doing,’ asks George at the beginning of the visit, immediately causing Casey’s face to crumble while she starts to sob.

‘I look like hell,’ she says to her father in the video while laughing through her tears. 

‘Well you know I want to be able to reach out and hug you, give you the bid Papa Joe hug,’ says George.

He then hints at what many perceived to be the conflicted feelings that Casey’s parents were harboring about their daughter’s innocence by saying: ‘I want to take all your pain away. So you know, you can tell me anything.’

Later in the video:

An incredulous and grief-stricken Cindy then reaches  over and pulls the phone away from her husband, briefly becoming overwhelmed with emotion as she says to her daughter: ‘Hi sweetie.’

Casey’s face immediately darkens and her eyes appear to lose focus as she stares emotionless while her mother sobs.

‘We’re not doing well Casey. Someone just said that… Caylee was dead this morning,’ says Cindy, while wiping her nose and hiding her face while she cries.

Casey responds by sneering and saying in a sarcastic tone: ‘Surprise, surprise.’

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