• May 31, 2023

CNN Reporter Edit’s Hillary Clinton’s Remarks On Bombing In Manhattan

I must ask the question , where does reality disassociate itself with agenda when it comes to politics? Th bombings in New York and New Jersey have been deemed terrorism. But we have a CNN news reader editing video to accommodate the political agenda on the left. It seems to me the Democrats have a sordid little agreement with the Islamic State in some way shape or form. Barrack Obama at least a muslim sympathizer and then we have Hillary Clintons Foundation taking millions of dollars of donations for what?  To distort the actual truth to advance an agenda is a cardinal sin in the news world, and never was tolerated in the past. But now, the media works hand in hand with the democrat Party and nothing is out of bounds.

Here is the Tapper’s question for Governor Christie, with the edited Clinton clip:

According to Breitbart:

Jake Tapper cited Trump referring to a “bomb” in New York, then played a clip of Clinton criticizing him for saying that — leaving out Clinton’s reference, seconds before, to what she called “bombings.”

Why are the Democrats acting so naive, or are they so lost in political correctness that they do not see the danger they have facilitated? Or is there secret donations involved to the point that the media down line is doing the biding needed to complete the manipulation of this upcoming election? Just questions needed to be asked. What do you think?

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