• September 24, 2023

New York Baker Fired For Refusing to Back Bugs into Bread


A baker relocated from California to New York for a job at a bakery that brags about it’s natural ingredients.  I guess bugs are natural or at least nature.  Stefan Fischer says that he found a 3,000 pound silo with flour infested with bugs.  He took a picture and told the Co-owner, Marco Avila, that he was going to dump the flour and have the vat professionally cleaned.  According to Fisher, Avila ordered him to use the flour in a grainy bread and no one would notice.  Fisher claims that when he refused, he was fired on the spot.

Fisher is now suing for back wages and the cost of his relocation and get his job back.  Fisher has a degree in food safety.  Fisher also claimed that the bakery had other food safety issues, including leaving old open milk containers in the area where food is being handled.

From The Mail Online: 

The Bakery of New York prides itself on selling ‘all natural’ products to wholesalers, groceries, and other bakeries, with products ranging from pastries to dinner rolls.

The Garden, a health-conscious grocery store with three locations in New York carries bread from the bakery, according to the New York Daily News.

An employee in Greenpoint, Brooklyn told the news website: ‘They shouldn’t have used it if there were flies in the flour. But I’m sure stuff like that happens all the time.’