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College student pleads guilty to Trump post-election ‘Hate Crime’ lie: Jail her!



With another admission by a hate crime hoaxer it becomes clear that the mainstream media supported insidious fake news campaign to destroy President Trump before he took office. A University of Michigan student has plead guilty to fabricating a “hate crime” against an alleged white male Trump supporter who supposedly slashed her face, according to The Daily Caller.  She slashed her own face, yet the lie was accepted as truth.

For the record,  several bogus hate crimes have been exposed in Louisiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, California, and elsewhere across the United States.  So much for un-biased news reporting.

This loathsome tale was fabricated by 21-year-old University of Michigan student Halley Bass, just after Trump beat Hillary Clinton in an historic election.  She reported to police that an unknown white man had approached her and slashed her face with a safety pin.

The lie picked up steam, and suddenly dozens if not hundreds of news outlets around the country were pouncing on her calculated lie like fresh catnip for a ravenous liberal news media that needed anything anti-trump that could be printed, aired or shared.

The only problem with that and the spate of other alleged “hate crimes” being committed against Muslims and others who fit neatly into the anti-Trump media quiver; it was totally false.

It appears Bass was following another University of Michigan student’s lead who also made up an incredibly bodacious lie.  Just after the president’s election, this female Muslim student grabbed national headlines when she stated that a white man threatened to light her on fire if she did not take off her hijab. She stressed that this fake man forced her to take off her head garment.

Without even one scintilla of proof or evidence national media outlets pounced on the story as proof that president-elect Trump and his supporters were anti-Muslim and filled with murderous rage. The University of Michigan which had zero evidence immediately condemned the incident as a “hateful attack.”  In addition, Center for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which is no fan of President Trump made a desperate attempt to tie the fake attack to Trump’s successful t as president trouncing pf the former democrat presidential candidate.

While the un-named Muslim student has not as of yet face any legal or administrative consequences for her evidence for filing a false police report, this student was not even in the area at the time of the fake incident.  This alone should have forced the police and the university to throw the book at her.

Unfortunately for Bass, the fake face slasher hoaxer she may be in for harsher but justified legal penalties for her lies. Her new ‘safe place’ may be found behind the bars of a jail cell.  With her plea of guilty she now faces up to 93 days in jail, a $500 fine or both, according to the Michigan Daily.

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