• July 23, 2024

Columbus Ohio Policeman Finds Glass in His Sandwich


A policeman bit into his sandwich and felt something crunch.  When he checked his sandwich, he found glass in it and after he checked, he found that his mouth was bleeding.  He was taken to the hospital, where he spent the night as a precaution.  The restaurant was shut down in an effort to find how the glass got into the food.   I could probably make a real good guess.

Detectives say it is too early to tell if it was an accident or whether someone had placed the glass there on purpose.    Columbus Public Health officials will be at the restaurant on Tuesday for further inspections.  I hope that if it was done on purpose that the restaurant will be closed for a couple of weeks as a “crime scene.”

In the last eleven days 9 officers have been killed and at least another 8 have been wounded, not counting this officer, whose name has not been released.  The timing makes this incident look very suspicious.

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