• December 11, 2023

Combat Vet National Anthem Singer For NFL Resigns, His Reasoning Will Break Your Heart

The drama of the NFL and the ongoing protests is seriously way out of hand. The players seem to have forgotten that without the fans there would be no reason for them to suit up and take to the field to play the game. Instead of honoring their fans and country, most of the leagues have decided it’s more important to make political statements on the field. Honestly, no one cares about your political stance. The people just want to drink beer, eat some wings, and watch the players perform to the best of their ability so they can make some money on bets. That’s what football is all about. There is no fantasy league that scores points for whoever looks the best when they take a knee before the game.

Unfortunately, the protests have spilled over into other areas with entertainers starting to get in on the action. Apparently, watching the NFL fail due to these protests has inspired them to take a knee as well and lose fans. Whatever happened to this country? Due to the idiotic protests taking place all over the league, the fans have taken to social media to show their displeasure with the players and staff who condone these actions. People are burning their season tickets and football gear because they are disgusted with the pathetic protests.

However, there is one man who sings the national anthem for the Baltimore Ravens that has had enough of the BS. Joey Odoms is a combat veteran who decided he can no longer sing the anthem for the Ravens due to their despicable stand against our country. He wrote a letter explaining just why he can no longer perform.

According to IJR:

The Ravens football team and the fans have made one national anthem singer no longer feel “welcomed.”

Joey Odoms, a combat veteran, resigned after being a team national anthem singer since 2014, sending a message on Instagram about his unfortunate decision:

Dear Ravens Flock

I am resigning as Official National Anthem Singer of the Baltimore Ravens. The people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at the Ravens organization have been nothing but nice to me, however, the tone/actions of a large number of NFL fans in the midst of our country’s cultural crisis, have convinced me that I do not belong there. Someone once told me to always “go where you’re welcomed”. This is not an emotional reaction to recent events, rather an ethical decision that part of me regrets but my core knows is the right choice.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow as a performer and for allowing me to live out a dream of sharing my gift with you.

-Joey Odoms

The national anthem singer attributed his resignation to no longer feeling “welcomed” amid the “country’s cultural crisis.”

On Sunday, several Ravens players took a knee in protest during the national anthem, including retired linebacker Ray Lewis, while at a football game overseas in London, England.

As the Baltimore Sun reports, Odoms is not only a combat veteran, but he is a songwriter, member of the Maryland Army National Guard, and a 911 operator.

It is sad that the national anthem and the U.S. flag, held by many to be expressions of unity, is now interpreted as division and “cultural crisis.” Let’s hope that the nation can heal and become more unified moving forward.

If the NFL keeps this up, Odoms won’t be the only person to resign his position. The majority of NFL fans are men who have fought for our country and those who protect our nation every day on the streets. What do they think is going to happen when they upset everyone? Are they going to have a job when the stands are empty and there are no ratings on the television?

Trump is right that the NFL is digging their own grave, and it’s only a matter of time before it blows up in their face. Give it another couple of weeks when they really start to feel the pain of having no fans. We will not tolerate this behavior and Odoms did the right thing by resigning. Now if only more people would follow in his footsteps.


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