• June 30, 2022

Concealed Carry in Ohio Schools Approved by Lawmakers

A new bill awaits Governor Kasich’s signature, as it goes to his desk.

Legislation was approved by lawmakers in Ohio Friday morning. The law would expand the state’s current law and allow guns in colleges, daycare centers and private aircraft.

The law still keeps a ban on concealed weapons in government buildings including libraries and places that wish to ban guns.

ohio-gun-1The Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association supported the bill saying it could prevent mass shootings or similar attacks. The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police ¬†and the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association opposed the bill arguing that the bill may endanger students.

Twenty-three states allow their colleges and universities to decide whether to allow concealed weapons on campus at this time.ohio-gun-2

Republican state Representative Ron Maag of Lebanon, Ohio sponsored the bill.

An 18 year old Somali born student, Ari Arlan drove his car into a crowd on the Ohio State University campus and violently stabbed people before being shot and killed by a heroic police officer, Alan Horujko, last week.

osu-3A hero saved many from a potentially far worse situation.

Investigators are still investigating the claim by terrorist group that recruited him even though they have said Arlan was inspired by Islamic propaganda.

He was inspired by Islamic propaganda? Investigators are still investigating? What does it take to be called out? It was an act of Islamic terrorism.

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