• June 17, 2024

Congress Deadlocked On Funding As Zika Virus Magnifies In Florida

Of all situations where Congress is Congress as usual, it is the Zika Virus which has heard it’s ugly little head in Miami, Florida. Business as usual should not apply to this possible epidemic in the making. Start whatever is necessary to control said virus now. There have been five new cases identified in Miami Beach, some involving tourists . To date there have been more than 500 reported cases of Zika in the Sunshine State, with 63 reported among pregnant women. This should not be on the back burner.

According to Fox News:

As Florida state and local officials scramble to contain a Zika virus outbreak in Miami Beach – a serious threat to the region’s $24 billion-a-year tourism industry — congressional lawmakers from both parties continue to be locked in battle over a billion dollars in vital funding that experts say is needed to keep the virus from breaking out across America.

This has to be addressed as quickly as possible, with Florida’s winter season quickly upon us. The state relies heavily on tourism and this will not help. Not to mention the babies who need our protection, they need a fair shot at a healthy life, why wait over funding squabbles? We seem to find funds for illegal immigrants at the drop of a hat. What do you think?

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