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Connecticut Carry Can’t Find A Single Pro Gun Politician to Endorse for 2014?!

Connecticut Carry Can’t Find A Single Pro Gun Politician to Endorse for 2014?!
Connecticut Carry Can’t Find A Single Pro Gun Politician to Endorse for 2014?!

From the start of this election season, Connecticut Carry has received regular inquiries from media sources about who we will be endorsing for the 2014 election season.

As our members know and we communicate regularly, we will not be endorsing candidates for the 2014 election.

One of the primary reasons for this is that there is no one to endorse. The current crop of political candidates range from downright horrible to only wanting to use us for our votes to absolutely delusional. During the votes on SB 1160, candidates that opposed SB 1160 did not stand up for individual rights, instead, they exercised self-preservation. They hemmed and hawed about how they had read the bill but did not think it would put in the right restrictions. There should have been one answer: ‘No’.

There was no law that would have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre and there is no law that will stop a future event.

There is a mountain of work to be done before we will see candidates that represent the ideals of liberty loving Connecticut residents. Until we see those types of politicians, we cannot endorse candidates.

In addition, we are non-partisan. Instead of doing like many other organizations do that call themselves ‘non-partisan’ and default to listing everyone on their side of the aisle, we would require any candidate to meet our standards for the advocacy of individual rights no matter what party they did or didn’t belong to.

Since we are the zero compromise, pro-rights organization in Connecticut, we refuse to make allegiances or alliances with politicians that can and will turn their backs on our organization and members once they get into office. Instead, we hold politicians to the merits of their decisions. This can be seen in our Never Forgive. Never Forget. Vote them out’ campaign as well as our ‘Unfit for Office’ campaign. These campaigns have been effective in educating our members and the public about politicians that have worked against our rights. We believe that education contributed to John McKinney’s crushing defeat in the primaries.

Citizens that want to get educated on who to vote for or against can visit our legislative site and view who voted for and against the 2013 Gun Ban.

We also offer this information in printed form for distribution:

“Connecticut residents need to remember that the only reasonable goal this election season is to send as many anti-rights politicians as possible to the unemployment line. We all must vote for whoever can best unseat the people who voted against the human right to self-defense in April, 2013. Luckily, they provided us with a list of who we should vote against in the form of the SB 1160 tally sheet.” – Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess

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Connecticut Carry, Inc
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About Connecticut Carry:
Connecticut Carry is a non-partisan, grassroots, non-profit organization devoted to educating Connecticut to our rights in Connecticut. Visit: www.ctcarry.com

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