Conservatives Assaulted During Democrat Rally [WATCH]

InfoWars host Kaitlin Bennet posted a video to her social media showing the host and her camera crew being harassed and assaulted.

According to DCAlerts| Attending a Pete Buttigieg rally, Bennett and her crew were filming when two men walked into her shot. The older of the two began giving Bennett the middle finger.


“Hi, how are you?” Bennet asked after noticing the man.

She then asked, “Do you usually treat women like that?”

The man’s only response was to continue flipping Bennett off.

As Bennett began approaching the man with her microphone, he said, “don’t get any closer to me.”

The man then approaches a cameraman and says directly into the camera, “get that s*** out of my face, f***face.”

She asked if he was a Buttigieg supporter, the man only replied, “We’re Americans.”

He continued telling Bennet to stop approaching him — even though he was the one who approached her and she was in no way obstructing his walking.

As Bennett and the man exchanged more words, a younger man with a shirt reading “No Body Is Illegal” came over and hit two people, including a cameraman.

“Whoa, that’s assault,” someone is heard saying to the man. The man then throws a water bottle at a crew-member and pushes Bennett and her microphone away.

Bennett ends her video with a message for Buttigieg.

“I am personally calling for Pete Buttigieg himself to condemn specifically the attacks that were made on me for being simply a conservative at his rally,” she says. “Pete, condemn it, condemn the violence.”

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