David Steinberg Just Revealed Who Ilhan Omar Really Is & The Multiple Perjury Felonies Before Her Election She Is Alleged To Have Committed [Opinion]

Investigative reporter David Steinberg has been shining the light on Minnesota’s anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s criminal conduct since well before she was elected.


To no one’s surprise, the mainstream Marxist media has ignored his findings.
In this multi-part series we’re going to presenting those findings.  Part one: Ilhan Omar committed perjury in a signed affidavit .

As you read the evidence Steinberg presents, keep in mind that his article alleging now-U.S. Congresswoman Omar perjured herself on official state documents appeared in print on August 8, 2018.  That was almost a full three months before she was elected.

According to Steinberg, then-state rep. Omar perjured herself when she swore to false representations on official state documents she signed while divorcing Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2017.

(Photographed at MN Family Court Records Center)

Steinberg offers Omar’s family court petition for a default divorce, claiming she could not locate Elmi, as his first piece of evidence that she perjured herself.

The above document depicts Omar, under penalty of perjury, attesting to the court that she has not had contact with her legal husband since June 2011. (See her answer to question 3.)

According to Minnesota family court records, Omars filed for a default divorce in 2017. Omar swore to the fact that she had not seen the man she had married in 2009, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, since June 2011.

Next, Steinberg offers pictures that first appeared on Ilhan Omar’s personal Instagram account in 2014.  Her username at the time was “hameey.” The pictures show Omar and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi together in London at that time.

(Photo credit: Powerline)

While corroborating dates are missing from these photos, that can be checked easily enough.  More important is what Steinberg reported next:

When confronted with the above pictures in 2016, UK resident Ahmed N. Elmi admitted to a reporter that he was indeed the scarved man in the three pictures. However, he also claimed to not know the name of the woman in the colorful head covering adjacent to him, and that she certainly was not his legal wife. He then gave the reporter a different birthdate for himself than the April 4, 1985, birth date given for Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in Omar’s divorce petition.

In short, he claimed to simply be a different Ahmed N. Elmi, who coincidentally happened to get photographed with Ilhan Omar at a London event.

Elmi’s claim that he had a different birthdate is contradicted by the hospital identification wristband he posted to his Instagram account in 2013:

( Photo credit: Instagram account of “ahmednelmi”)

Elmi’s hospital ID bracelet identifies his date of birth to be April 4, 1985.

Steinberg’s research has discovered that, while other men named Ahmed Elmi have lived in the U.S. and London, only the Ahmed Nur Said Elmi with the April 4, 1985 birthdate he found was the one who divorced Ilhan Omar.

Steinberg cited numerous other social media interactions between Ilhan Omar (hameey, ilhanmn) and Elmi (ahmednelmi) as evidence that Omar had lied when she claimed on her divorce papers that she had not contact with Elmi for 6 years.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board also found that Rep. Omar violated campaign finance rules.  The violations are fairly common but it’s what else they found while conducting the investigation that is the bigger story.

The board’s investigation found $1,500 of the payment to Kjellberg Law Office was in violation of campaign finance rules, but it did not involve a divorce. It was instead for obtaining her immigration records, and for filing joint tax returns with her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, in 2014 and 2015. The remaining funds, $750, were spent for campaign purposes. The board also noted Omar’s committee didn’t report this payment in their 2016 pre-general report of receipts and expenditures.

Ilhan Omar was still legally wed to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2014 and 2015, not Ahmed Hirsi.

According to both federal and Minnesota law there is no provision for “unmarried filing jointly” status:

Consider the media’s lack of curiosity after an official inquiry found that Ilhan Omar deliberately lied on multiple tax returns and compare that to their relentless pursuit of Donald Trump’s tax returns without a predicate basis.

The Marxist media is doing its darndest to guarantee that democracy dies in darkness.

David Steinberg ??

Alright, it’s time for an important @IlhanMN thread.

Despite the laudable, bipartisan condemnation of her Jew-hatred, I don’t think the country is aware of — and sufficiently angry about — what certain people did to usher Ilhan Omar into Congress these past 3 years. (1/x)

David Steinberg ??@realDSteinberg

Worse, it’s clear that these folks are going to KEEP making the same amoral calculations about @IlhanMN, despite her character now being clear for all to see.

For 3 years, MN Democrats, MN media, and yes, a politicized MN DOJ office … (2/x)

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There are a number of articles written by Steinberg expanding on all of this that are linked to in the thread above.  I’d recommend reading them. Let’s keep the light on.

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