The Thin Blue Line

Officer Stops Speeding College Kid, Ends Up Helping Him With His Necktie [VIDEO]

Here is a video to watch going into the holiday season. It’s a nice, sweet one.


According to Barstool Sports, the student pulled over on November 30 by a cop in the above dashcam footage goes to the University of Wisconsin-Stout and was speeding to get to a presentation. He didn’t know how to tie his tie, so the officer did it for him.

Per to the Menomonie Police Department, the student told Officer Martin Folczyk, “I have to get a tie tied. I have a presentation and I thought my buddy was home but he’s not, and I’m running behind.”

Folczyk tied the tie around his own neck while the student grabbed his license and registration.

“Probably not the best knot, but it will work,” he said before giving him a verbal warning.

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