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Cop crosses his arms in disbelief of what two females are doing right in front of him [VIDEO]

In what seemed like a reasonable picture request, a Rochester police officer takes a step back in disbelief as two females twerk on hood of his car.


H/T The Blaze

Outrageous video: Females twerk on hood of police cruiser as cop crosses his arms and watches

It’s one of those cellphone videos that needs more than one viewing — just to be sure you actually watched what you think you just watched.

But it’s true: Two females took turns twerking on the hood of a Rochester, New York, police cruiser as an officer stood in the background with his arms crossed watching.

The 16-second video, posted to Twitter on Saturday morning, shows one of the females moving from her hands and knees to actually standing atop the hood while twerking.

Her partner then merely rubs her rear end on the hood.

The clip ends with the first female jumping back into camera frame and firing off a final twerk on the street in front of the cruiser.

And while the uniformed officer stands with his arms crossed on the sidewalk, a second uniformed officer further away on the sidewalk appears to flip an object in his left hand:

Police said the incident occurred during the officers’ 11 p.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday bar detail assignment.

Rochester Police Chief Michael L. Ciminelli on Monday told TheBlaze in a statement that the result of the video is “an inappropriate and unacceptable image for the Rochester Police Department” and that the issue has been “addressed.”

The women approached the officers and asked if they could take a photo of themselves with the police car, Ciminelli said, adding that it’s a “fairly common occurrence and we generally let people do this.” So the officers stepped away from the cruiser and “without notice or warning, one of the women jumped on the police car,” the chief said.

Ciminelli added that the officers were “surprised” and “given the short duration of time the woman was on the car (estimated at 3-4 seconds) they did not have an opportunity to react.”

Afterward the officers checked and confirmed there was no damage to the police car, the chief said, adding that the “supervisor then talked to the women and told them that what they did was not acceptable. The girls apologized and thanked the officers.”

The twerking incident didn’t go down well with Bob Lonsberry, who hosts a morning radio talk show for Rochester station WHAM-AM.

Lonsberry said the Rochester police force has become a “department of passivity so intent on respecting ‘the community’ that it has none for itself” — and blamed Mayor Lovely A. Warren and her “compliant” police chief for that.

He added that the video is evidence of the department’s state and that Rochester police have been “castrated by three years of WTF leadership.”

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