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Cops Perform Welfare Check On Older Woman But What They Find Will Turn Your Stomach

An Enfield woman kept her mother’s body at home for months after death because she was “curious about the stages of death,” Enfiled Police Chief Tyree Davis said.

In a Facebook post-Tuesday, Enfield police said Donna Sue Hudgins, 69, went to a funeral home to report that her mother, 93-year-old Nellie May Hudgins, had passed away but that she did not know where emergency responders had taken the body, Davis said..

Funeral home employees tried to locate the elder Hudgins, but were unsuccessful. The funeral home then contacted the Enfield Police Department, which sent officers to the home.

After speaking with Donna Hudgins, they conducted a welfare check and found Nellie May Hudgins’ badly decomposed body in the home.

Officers said Hudgins had been dead for several months.

Donna Hudgins is charged with felony concealment of a death. Bond was set at $5,000. Her first court appearance is set for Nov. 7.


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