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Cops Puked When They Saw Where 12-Year-Old Son Was Locked Up By Mother For A YEAR!


Take a good look at this evil monster who calls herself a mother. This is Brandy K. Jaynes, 36, from Tocqueville, Utah.

Jaynes locked her son in a bathroom and left him there for a year.

When the boy’s father found him, he weighed just 30 pounds and was too weak to stand.

Jaynes has been arrested and charged with aggravated felony second-degree child abuse. You may be wondering what prompted this woman to lock her son up.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Lt. David Crouse said the boy looked like a victim from a concentration camp. What kind of a mother locks her child in a room and then just leaves him there for a year? What was she thinking?


All the lights in the switch in the room was in duct tape so the lights couldn’t be turned on. This took planning and a lot of hatred. There were two other children in the home who have been removed – they were the siblings of the boy in the bathroom.


As a pitiful sort of defense for her actions, Jaynes said the boy was in there because he liked to sleep in there. She also said it was for his own safety that he be locked in there when she left the house. The boy is expected to recover, he will spend a few weeks in the hospital.


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