Costco Forced To Remove Baby Doll From Shelves After Parents Complained It Was ‘Offensive’

The US’s Wholesale giant Costco had finally removed the controversial “Cuddle with Me” baby doll after receiving huge backlash from the parent’s of the community and saying that the toy was blatantly racist.



The allegedly racist doll features an African-American plastic baby along with a plush monkey, with a matching “lil’ monkey” hat and a peeled banana on its mouth. It’s other choices are horrible as well – and you can apparently get a black, Hispanic or Caucasian “Cuddle with Me” doll with a Panda bear, where the hat says “pretty panda” instead.

The spokesman for Costco has issued an official apology, and says that he truly regrets that the product has offended anyone at all, and have promptly pulled the doll out from the stores and the market’s shelves. The complaint came from a man who bought the doll from Greensboro, N.C. in order to formally file a complaint. Soon shortly after, a chain letter has soon followed suit that eventually reached the Costco executives and the PC police.

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