Video Shows Massive Pro-2nd Amendment Crowd Reciting “Pledge Of Allegiance”…Followed By “We Will Not Comply!”

It started out with one loud voice, who passionately began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, but within seconds a massive crowd of 2nd Amendment supporters gathered around the Capitol building in Richmond, VA can be heard adding their voices.



The Pledge of Allegiance was followed up by “We will not comply!”


The Democrat mainstream media desperately waits for one person in the crowd of thousands of peaceful protesters to step out of line. So far, the massive crowds of 2nd Amendment protesters are doing what most conservatives do when they gather in massive crowds, respectfully protesting, while still making their points effectively.

Compare this massive crowd to the video we shared yesterday, of two young girls attending the Democrat Party’s dream “Women’s March.” This video, by the way, got absolutely no coverage from the mainstream media. Remember one year ago when they attempted to destroy the life of Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann for daring to smile in the face of the radical, threatening, and fake Vietnam war veteran, Nathan Phillips.



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