• July 19, 2024

Country Stars Emotional Family Photos

In today’s day and age it is easy to get upset at the slightest of things. Starbucks got our order wrong, someone stole our parking spot, the cable guy is late, but when you break down those scenarios we should really be truly grateful for the inconveniences that life throws our way. A real problem would be cancer and that is what country singer Joey Feek has been battling, cervical cancer to be exact. Although her time here on earth is shortened by the minute, she is handling it with more dignity and grace than the average person; and her family has shared her story as she battles the horrific disease.


Her husband had this to say:

“Though now, she can no longer get out of bed – she is so sharp and clear and her pain, for the most part, is so under control by the medicine that talking to her – you would think she’s her normal self. Thinner. Much thinner. And with a hip new hairdo. But she is beautiful. So so so beautiful.”


This past Sunday her family shared some beautiful photos of the singer and they are some of the most beautiful pictures a woman could have took.


Read more about Joey Feek here



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