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Dad on Diaper Duty Gags Uncontrollably – Wife Films The Whole Thing [VIDEO]

He nearly vomits every time he changes a poop-filled diaper!


Naturally his wife thinks it’s hilarious, so she filmed his poop battle for all the world to see.

Although this dad thought he would try to man up and change his newborn baby’s diaper, her could not help but gagging not once but six separate times during the changing. We all know that changing a dirty diaper is a dirty job, but in the 21stcentury dads are expected to do it too.

And for this New Jersey father, Sergio Murolo, he just couldn’t handle the challenge. Because mom had been handling all the dirty work up until now, Murolo thought he’d show her up and prove that it was easy work raising a baby.

But when he went in for the change, his body reflexes proved that he wasn’t up for the task. Apparently, the baby’s poop disgusted dad so much, he gagged not once, twice, or three times. But six separate times during the diaper change.

And mom caught the entire embarrassing moment on tape and shared it with the world on social media. Now everyone is laughing along with the new parents…

“What are you doing?” Sergio says when he realizes that mom is filming his first diaper change attempt.

As soon as dad takes the baby’s diaper off, he gags at the putrid stench. Meanwhile, the baby lies on his back unaware that he has just produced the raunchiest explosive diaper on this side of the Mississippi.

Because dad is gagging and can’t handle the work, mom uncontrollably laughs.

“Stop. Come on. Turn it off,” Sergio begs as he realizes how embarrassing this is for him.

Then he gags so intensely the spittle flies off to the side.

“Come on. Stop,” he begs the baby’s mother. She finally relents and turns the video off.

Because the average newborn goes through eight to ten diapers per day, every parent has to learn how to change a diaper – unless they have enough money to hire someone to do the dirty work for them.

But if you follow the steps outlined by, you can change a diaper like a pro. Don’t become an internet sensation because you can’t handle your newborn’s normal bodily functions, take charge and follow the correct steps.

  • Tip #1: Gather your supplies: Soft wipes, fresh diaper, plastic bag
  • Tip #2: Roll baby’s hands in her shirt to keep baby’s hands clean
  • Tip #3: Put a fresh diaper under baby before removing the soiled one
  • Tip #4: Use the front half of the diaper to wipe your baby’s bottom if there’s poop
  • Tip #5: Wipe girls from front to back. Cover a boy with a wipe so you don’t get sprayed

Viewers had some funny responses to dad’s gag reflex:

“I was waiting for him to throw up on the baby”

“i don’t know how the moms are doing that! !! .. God help them”

“he/she is your kid. grow up, if you can’t do these things, then don’t produce little ones”

“We got a son last month and believe me I still gag sometimes… Even after changings diapers for over 12 years for my sister’s kids”

Have you ever gagged during a diaper change?

Here’s some more fun:


HERE’S a video of a couple watching a video of a dad changing a diaper!

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