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Teenager Challenges 83 Year Old GOP Senator To Push Up Match [VIDEO]

Never judge a book by it’s cover.  While visiting a high school on Tuesday, one of the students challenged Sen Chuck Grassley to a contest to see who could do the most push ups.  She probably thought it would be an easy win, but she was dead wrong.  She had to give up and go back to her seat while Grassley continued his push ups.  He finished with thirteen but appeared ready to do more but didn’t want to embarrass the girl any more than he already had.


Grassley grew up on a farm and later worked in a sheet metal fabrication plant and has always tried to keep in shape.  Evidently it has worked for him.  Grassley visits all 99 counties in Iowa every year.  It’s something he has always done to keep up with what his constituents are thinking.  He is extremely popular for his hard work and conservative agenda.



Grassley, 83, pounded out 13 push-ups at St. Ansgar High School on Monday before he was declared the winner, WALB reported.

“He wins,” a student said from the stands.

It turns out the senator is in pretty good shape. According to the Daily Caller, Grassley used to work on farms and in sheet metal factories in his youth before he became senator.

The students applauded his stamina as he continued to do push-ups while the girl went back to her seat.

Grassley, who has been in the Senate since 1980, performed the feat at a county meeting. He conducts at least one meeting in each of Iowa’s 99 counties every year, according to his website.

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