• April 19, 2024

Dangerous New ‘Fantasy’ Drug Emerges In Georgia, Causing Chaos Wherever It Goes

behavior, violent outbursts and superhuman strength is moving into Georgia. Some call flakka the “$5 fantasy drug.”

The drug, that can be snorted, smoked or swallowed, is rampant throughout Florida and has crossed the border into south Georgia. Valdosta police told Channel 2’s Tom Regan at this time last year, they only had one or two cases involving flakka.

Now Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress says his officers are confronting deranged flakka users just about every day. Childress shared several videos with Regan of encounters with flakka users. In one instance, the video shows a man repeatedly cutting himself on the arms and neck. In another, a man accuses police of not being real officers.

Valdosta police Sgt. Heather Willis told Regan she has answered several calls involving people under the influence of flakka. “This is a threat to the community,” said Willis. “(Users) run out into traffic. They’re thinking people are after them. And if you try to give them help, sometimes they’re going to become resistant and fight you.”

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