• September 26, 2022

There’s A New Dimension To The Pro-Life Debate And It May Lead To Forced Abortion

The life debate is about to take a drastic turn, and it has nothing to do with planned parenthood. In fact the judicial branch of government is driving the buss on this one.

Suppose you are a married couple, unable to conceive, and you turn to science in order to have a baby. More and more, people are using procedures like IVF to conceive. But what happens to the embryos if the couple splits? Well, in the case of Jasha McQueen, a judge has thrown out all signed contracts and state statutes and public policy to rule that the embryos not be carried to term. And you are not gonna believe why he ruled this way. Listen to this interview and let me know what you think. My contact info is at the end of the interview.


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