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Daycare Worker Is Arrested After What She Was Caught Doing To 4-YEAR-OLD

Sarah Gable, 52, a daycare worker pushed a four year old down a flight of steps just before she realized there was a camera that had been installed only minutes before.  The daycare worker from Darby, Pennsylvania was arrested.


Gable had worked in the childcare industry for 25 years but had only been at Child Care of the Future daycare center in Clifton Heights, near Philadelphia for 12 months.

The police chief, Michael Chitwood said:

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare that sends their kid to daycare. This was a horrific act, a betrayal of trust.”

Co-worker Shawayne Tavares told CBS:

“It still hurts me, just seeing the video. When I saw it air I was just like wow. It still hurts. ‘The little girl was just really shaken up. Her eyes were literally like ‘help me’.”

The girl suffered a knee injury and Ms Tavares said when she returned to the daycare center yesterday ‘she was a little scared of the steps’

The Delco Times reported an affidavit stated that: ‘Gable was seen struggling with the child prior to pushing her down the steps. After the child fell, Gable was observed grabbing her and continuing on.’

Gable was fired from the Child Care of the Future daycare center in Clifton Heights, near Philadelphia, after the incident on Friday.

She was arrested and faces charges of assault and endangering the welfare of a child. She has been released on bail of $25,000.

Chief Chitwood said the girl was ‘scared to death’.

Ronnie Siekor, whose son goes to the daycare center, said: ‘She would greet him with a hug. I always thought she was one of the best teachers. For us to hear this is very disheartening.’

A preliminary hearing for the case has been listed for March 16 before Magisterial District Judge Kelly Micozzie-Aguirre.


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