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Man Stabs 9 Year Old to Death, Then Posts Murder on the Internet [VIDEO]

A man stabbed a nine year old boy to death and then posted the murder on an internet site that specializes in  pornography, paedophilia, drugs and ‘snuff’ movies, called Darknet.  He then showed his bloody hands to the chat room before making a run for it.  One of the viewers were upset by the video and called the police.  The boy’s body was discovered in the basement of a shared home.


Police did not reveal just how much of the crime was videoed and shared but media reported that the corpse of the boy was visible.

The killer also entered a chatroom after the murder and held his bloodstained hands up to the camera.

Little is known about Marcel H. except that police have said he is dangerous and warned the public not to approach him. They do not know if he has other weapons with him.


Several cities in the old Ruhr industrial area of Germany, where Herne lies, were being searched by police on Tuesday morning.

Marcel H. fled in camouflage clothing. Police admit they have little idea where he may have gone to or what twisted motive he had for the crime.

Perhaps he can get away with it by saying he identifies as a Muslim refugee.  If he can manage to get his case heard before Merkel gets her ass handed to her he might just win.

The victim was not related to his murderer but may have known him from the area. As the boy was stabbed multiple times Marcel H. filmed his demise and posted the video on the so-called ‘Darknet’ – the lurid, unpatrolled side of cyberspace specialising in pornography, paedophilia, drugs and ‘snuff’ movies. 

It was a Darknet user – who claimed to know the killer – who was upset by the images of the little boy who contacted police to tell them; ‘I have just seen a boy murdered on the internet.’

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