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Dead Activist Found at Protest Site of Dakota Pipeline

The body of well known snowflake activist was found floating in the Cannonball River near the site of the Dakota Pipeline protests.  Damjan Nedelkovski, who was last seen at those protests in October was found and police say there is no obvious evidence of violence against the young man.  Nedelkovski was known to live at a couple of the tent cities set up to house protesters of the pipeline.  His brother had filed a missing persons request in November.


Local fishermen found the body of Damjan Nedelkovski floating in a river Sunday morning near the primary campsite holding anti-DAPL protesters. He was a California resident known to frequent protest camps in the area, according to a press statement issued Monday by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.

An autopsy showed no blunt trauma to the body, and officials are not certain how long he was in the water. Family and friends, meanwhile, told local officials they last had contact with Nedelkovski in October 29, 2016. His stepbrother filed a missing person report in November.

The protesters were known to have caused over 8 million in damages, mostly from crop damage.

The demonstrations resulted in significant damage to private property, as well as numerous acts of lawlessness.

Morton County officials believe 94 percent of the 709 arrests at the Oceti and Sacred Campsites were of people from outside of North Dakota. Officials also said 221 of those apprehended had prior criminal records.

The protests also created significant property damage. More than 544 households reported losses ranging from $15,000 to $20,000 each from crop losses. The total equates to over $8 million in total losses.



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