• June 27, 2022

Pack of Thugs Try To Rob Store…They Get Instant Karma But No Money [VIDEO]

A pack of thugs did some of their homework on a store they planned to rob.  They knew an employee had made a run to the bank and they tried to rob him when he got back with the money.  What they didn’t do was to check up on the people who work there.  They may not have tried anything had they known one of the clerks had been named MMA Fighter of the Year five years running in his native Sri Lanka.   Mayura Dissanayake laid a beating on them that even Ajax couldn’t take off.

When the video footage starts, you’ll watch Mayura’s fellow employee return to the store after a run to the bank. And a group of criminals in an SUV knew he was coming back with the money because they immediately left their SUV and started assaulting him.

“You see someone get beat up, you just go out,” Mayura said about seeing his friend and co-worker getting assaulted by numerous criminals.

You will see the behemoth MMA fighter destroy the criminals before they even see his approach.

“The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face,” Mayura said to the Houston-area reporter. “And I punched the other guy.”

Mayura has trained in mixed martial arts for more than a decade. And after working at the gas station, he goes to his gym to train five nights every week. It is more than a hobby for this fighter.

Throughout his fighting career, Mayura was named the MMA Champion for five consecutive years in his native country of Sri Lanka.

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