Defector Says North Korea Readying Nuke Attack On U.S.

In August, Thae Yong Ho became the most senior North Korean defector in 20 years. Thae was the former NK Deputy Ambassador to the United Kingdom and during his debriefings, he told officials of both the United Kingdom and the United States that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is growing “desperate” and is ready to strike the United States with a nuclear weapon.


The revelation, came during an interview with  NBC News  on Sunday. Thae said that Kim Jong Un is “desperate in maintaining his rule by relying on his [development of] nuclear weapons and [intercontinental ballistic missiles].” Once he sees that there is any kind of sign of a tank or an imminent threat from America, then he would use his nuclear weapons with ICBM,” said Thae.


Thae said although he was not directly involved in the dictatorship’s weapons program he had close relationships with several military leaders who he says were concerned about Kim’s obsession with nuclear weapons. Currently, North Korea is believed to have several nuclear weapons; however, it is unknown if they could effectively use one to attack the United States.

In December, news emerged, although it was kept very quite by the Obama Administration, that in fact, North Korea did have the ability to attach a nuclear warhead to a missile contrary to intelligence assessments. But U.S. Spy agencies still insisted that the rogue nation still lacked the ability to accurately target anyplace as far away as the United States, not much condolence to someone that lives anywhere near a target installation.

North Korea is now “fully equipped with nuclear attack capability,” Kim Jong Un announced after a submarine-launched missile in August. But it was the assessment of the Obama administration that he was exaggerating. At the time, U.S. Officials insisted that North Korea may say they have medium-range missiles capable of striking American military bases in the Pacific, but it would be at least two years before they actually had missiles with that ability. But many Military analysts believe Pyongyang may already have such weapons and will be able to hit the western U.S. as soon as 2020.

Meanwhile, the North Korean leader has continued to test ballistic missiles in provocative launches that violate the mandates set down by the United Nations. Those tests have created a very tense atmosphere in the region, especially for South Korea, Japan and the United States. In fact, over the weekend, President Trump said that he simply would not allow North Korea to develop that technology no matter what it took to stop them.

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