• June 21, 2024

Democrat Rangel Found Guilty Of Ethics Charges, Should Be Recalled

As is the case where the nation has a 2 term limit for president, I am at the point where it should be for all elected officials. There are times where the voting populace needs help, and the Charles Rangel ethic’s hearings is the definition of all that is wrong. Instead of just accepting the ruling, which deep down He knows is true, Rangel will use slight of hand and all his connections to prolong his representation. Mind you, he was just reelected to his 21st term.

According to CBS News

Rangel has been mired in ethics charges for some time. Earlier this year he gave up his powerful post as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee after coming under scrutiny for corporate-funded travel in a separate ethics case. The 80-year-old congressman from Harlem nevertheless managed to fend off a primary challenge and win re-election for a 21st term this month.

If I were a betting man, would it be safe to say we will be hearing the words,” racist witch hunt”, from Charlie and his people shortly? Rangel represents all that is wrong with politics in America. Politicians use our emotions agains; us. We are a trusting forgiving people thinking our elected officials will always do the right thing. And that’s where we are wrong, and they use it against us to benefit themselves. This man has profited greatly over 40 years, and what does his district have to show for it; and if he is found guilty he should be stripped of all financial considerations in retirement. We need term limits, and we need to abolish the financial packages these dead beats get when they walk out of office. Maybe then we can get honest people who want to serve their country, not skim it .What do you think?

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