• October 1, 2022

Democrat Wants to Drug Test the Rich or No Tax Deductions

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Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore has made her bid as the dumbest member of congress but it’s no reflection on her that she’s unlikely to win because there are so many democrats in congress.  Her bill would make it mandatory for anyone in the top 1% to be drug tested before they can take the same write offs that all taxpayers can take until they are drug tested.  She says it’s only fair because many welfare recipients have to be drug tested to get their free money, free utilities, free food, free electricity, free housing and various other freebies such as the free Obamaphones.

The point she seems to miss completely (Probably because it takes at least a little gray matter) is that welfare recipients are getting taxpayer money and some use that to buy drugs.  If anyone in the top 1% are doing drugs, they are using their own money.  They aren’t asking the taxpayers to buy their drugs.  (I’d love to know if Moore charges the drugs that induce her ideas to herself or to the taxpayers)

Of course, her bill has the same chance as Hillary Clinton becoming honest.  There is no way that even the power mad RINOs in congress would vote for a bill that’s so obviously unconstitutional.  Of course, she could make it constitutional if she were to write the bill requiring everyone who wants to take legal tax write offs to submit to drug testing.  But if she did that there would be a lot of democrats in congress who would fight the bill tooth and nail.

From Fox News:

But Moore Communications Director Eric Harris said the congresswoman was “sick and tired of Republicans who criminalize poverty.” He added, “The idea that those battling poverty are more susceptible to substance abuse is as absurd as it is offensive.”

Moore, a single mother of three, used to be a food stamp recipient. Flipping the script, she told The Guardian: “We might really save some money by drug-testing folks on Wall Street, who might have a little cocaine before they get their deal done.”

Harris proves that total ignorance is contagious.  He claims that drug testing welfare recipients is criminalizing poverty.  However, if a recipient doesn’t do illegal drugs, they receive no stigma and no penalty.  But if they do take illegal drugs, they criminalize themselves. No one did it for them.

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